The Color of Hope & Generation “H”

By Jolleen Wagner, Lasallian Volunteers Director

“…the color of hope
To tempt the future with our hearts.”

logoWhat is the color of hope? For both Young Brother & Young Lasallian Pedro Bravo and RELAN General Councilor Robert Schieler, the color of hope is green. Brother Pedro shared with me that it comes from an expression in Spanish, “El verde es el color de la esperanza.”He said, “For me, I am always thinking green.” Brother Robert said, “Green is the color of life, of nature that gives life and sustains life.” Chatting with Ronald Pollak, Young Lasallian & Lasallian Volunteer, he said white is the color of hope, “I look at it as a blank slate and a chance to start fresh. I always have hope for any new beginning.” Continue reading


Experience of a Lifetime/L’expérience d’une vie

Sam_croppedBy Sam Kreutzfeldt, Student, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Winona; United States Lasallian Collegians

(Traduction française disponible sous l’anglais)

As the International Symposium of Young Lasallians (ISYL) came to end, the delegates of each Region gathered for one last social to wish everyone off to his or her home. It was a bittersweet moment as many of us had used the one week to create a community of people like no other. With five days together, each of the 45 delegates began listening and sharing stories, creating friendships, and talking about issues. Mind you, the symposium is conducted with three official languages of French, Spanish, and English. Translators were busy at work conveying presentations, ideas, jokes, and anything else needed. With all these languages and cultures combining, there was not one moment that wasn’t utilized. Continue reading

When Friends Become Family

Tim Gossen headshot picture_croppedBy Tim Gossen, Dean of Students, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Winona

About one week ago I left Winona on a very cold morning. The temperature was -10 F and once I reached the Twin Cities it warmed up to 0 F and it started to snow. As my family of three children (Damian – age 4, Clara – age 2, and Allyn – age 7 months) and Ashley (my supportive and understanding wife) left me at the airport I began to get excited and immediately started to miss them. For months I tried to prepare myself not only for an international experience but also for leaving my family. Preparation for such an experience effects both me as well as four others within my family…some planning is needed. Continue reading

Inter-Regional Adventure


By Brother David Hawke, General Councillor, Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC)

Brother David makes his first entrance into the world of blogging and offers a comedic glimpse at our post-symposium meal.

The faithful remnants from the International Symposium of Young Lasallians from RELAN and PARC along with their respective General Councillors for the Regions walked down the Via Ubaldi to a local Italian restaurant for supper Sunday night. The event was billed as the inaugural dinner for the RELAN/PARC Region with various acronyms for a new name suggested as the night progressed.

Continue reading