A Call, An Opportunity, and A Commitment

By Jolleen Wagner, Lasallian Volunteers DirectorJolleen_cropped

In two days the 3rd International Symposium of Young Lasallians will begin. More than 45 young people will gather to respond to a call, explore an opportunity, and deepen a commitment.

The Call
Building Hope Together is more than the theme for this gathering. Each Lasallian who has played a role in bringing this symposium into reality and each Lasallian who will attend has been called to be a part of building hope together for the Young Lasallian movement and the Lasallian family as a whole.

The Opportunity
The 45 plus delegates (including six De La Salle Christian Brothers and almost two dozen women) will take this opportunity to:

  • reflect on the impact of Young Lasallians to date;
  • explore and vision the potential of Young Lasallians in our schools, Districts, Sectors, Regions, and Internationally;
  • discuss the role of Young Lasallians as agents of change, especially for youth;
  • plan how to further support the Lasallian mission and charism;
  • deepen our individual and communal spirituality.

A Commitment
It is the hope of the International Council of Young Lasallians that every delegate will walk away from the symposium with a strengthened commitment to the Lasallian family and tangible ideas on how to nurture and expand the mission using the talents, skills, and privileges inherent in our roles.

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