Inter-Regional Adventure


By Brother David Hawke, General Councillor, Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC)

Brother David makes his first entrance into the world of blogging and offers a comedic glimpse at our post-symposium meal.

The faithful remnants from the International Symposium of Young Lasallians from RELAN and PARC along with their respective General Councillors for the Regions walked down the Via Ubaldi to a local Italian restaurant for supper Sunday night. The event was billed as the inaugural dinner for the RELAN/PARC Region with various acronyms for a new name suggested as the night progressed.

The waiter presented each with the menus with one young Lasallian from a soon to be “dissolved District” asking in a stage whisper, “What is Italian on the menu?”  Several bumped their heads having ducked under the table to avoid embarrassment as many of the local clientele had a good command of American English. The said person ended up with a combined order of pasta and spigola (local fish). This young Lasallian discovered very quickly that the Italian restaurant served Italian food.

The group shared many creative ways of how in the future a new Region could emerge in the Institute with the food of each figuring highly in the conversation. Memories of the fruitful symposium was prominent in the table talk with hash tags, Facebook, blogging, and several other “in” words leaving the two General Councillors for the Regions in listening mode most of the night. However to be in listening mode prevented anything that may have been said by either going viral.

After the traditional tiramisu or panacotta the group of happy young and not so young Lasallians trudged back up the Via Ubaldi to the Casa Generalizia.


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