In One Word…

As the symposium came to a close, delegates were asked what one word could describe their feeling of being part of the gathering. The Region Latinoamericana Lasallista (RELAL) put together this video with the responses.

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Inter-Regional Adventure


By Brother David Hawke, General Councillor, Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC)

Brother David makes his first entrance into the world of blogging and offers a comedic glimpse at our post-symposium meal.

The faithful remnants from the International Symposium of Young Lasallians from RELAN and PARC along with their respective General Councillors for the Regions walked down the Via Ubaldi to a local Italian restaurant for supper Sunday night. The event was billed as the inaugural dinner for the RELAN/PARC Region with various acronyms for a new name suggested as the night progressed.

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Here for a Reason

brad_smallerBy Brad Marchese, Spanish Teacher, St. Paul’s School, Covington, LA

“We must create these environments of hope, where people feel Loved and included. If they are sad let us encounter them in their sadness. If they are irritated let us encounter them in their anger. If they are not seeing clearly let us encounter them in their confusion.” – Brother Álvaro, Superior General, FSC

The Lasallian Family has been referred to many times as a Kaleidoscope, but as much as I thought I knew what that meant, I know now that my understanding of this metaphor was incomplete. I did not know the true depth of this statement until this week. Continue reading

The Past, The Present and The Future

IMG_5100By Andrew Bishop
Accounting Teacher; Deputy Principal at De La Salle Holy Cross College, Johannesburg 
Young Lasallian!!!

I am, You Are, We Are … Lasallian!

Veni, Vidi, Vici …
I came to a symposium of Young Lasallians in Roma!
I saw a whole bunch of strangers who became brothers and sisters
I conquered the doubting thoughts that the Work is too hard and the Hope is to vague. Continue reading

A Transformative Impact: Young Lasallian as Role Model

Dustin PerryBy Dustin Perry, Teacher and Lasallian Youth Moderator, Christian Brothers High School, Memphis, TN

Attending my first District Lasallian Youth Gathering in 2003, I was overjoyed to meet fellow Lasallians. I was so excited to learn of all of the others around the Midwest United States that shared in the same values and culture that I had learned about though my first year at Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, TN. It took ahold of me like a virus, and I have been excited about being an active member in the Lasallian community ever since.   Continue reading